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Blinco Built 

Ready to start your journey towards a healthier and happier you?


Who We’re For

 Are you looking for personal training results in a fun, welcoming small group environment?

If you’re sick of getting lost in massive group classes without individual support, or wandering around a 24/7 gym not knowing where to start

Our personalised small group sessions might be perfect for you

Our Speciality

We work with busy professionals who recognise it’s time to start prioritising their health by making time for themselves

Sound like you? 

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How We Help

  • We help you improve your life outside the gym without giving up your lifestyle by:
  • Helping you regain pain-free movement
  • Teaching you how to find healthy and sustainable nutrition that fits your busy life
  • Supporting you all the way to help you stick with it and keep on track 
  • Getting you stronger and more mobile than ever before

How Does Blinco Built Work?

Personal trainer with client

Personal Training

One on one Personal Training to help you achieve massive goals or get over long term injury and pain

Small group class lifting weights

Small Group Training

Train in a group capped at 10  people for individualised coaching whilst never having to suffer alone!

healthy nutritious meal

Nutritional Support

No crazy fad diets, just fast results using sustainable methods that stick for life!

For my future.


“Blinco Built provides me with professional guidance for my fitness and well-being based on my past, to prepare me for my future. I enjoy the variety of exercises, the camaraderie and the friendly banter.”

- Karen Greenwood

What our members say…


“Blinco Built is a safe environment where everyone’s goals are celebrated and no one is left feeling insecure about their ability or journey. For me, this makes Blinco Built unique and it has definitely become one of my happy places.”

- Sarah Grundy


“As a single mum who worked full time I just hadn’t spent enough time on my fitness. Before Blinco Built I just didn’t enjoy exercise. I now love exercise, have lost weight, and am much fitter and stronger. Blinco Built is really supportive and non-judgemental.”

- Emily Birch


“I always struggled to maintain motivation and consistency over the longer-term. With Blinco Built, I’ve trained for over two years without the regular need for a Chiro or Physio. The real payoff has been the ability to partake in activities outside of the gym!”

- Mark Sofield


“I joined Blinco Built because I was exercising a lot but wasn’t getting the results I wanted. It’s not about how much weight I can lose or how skinny I can be, it’s about learning how I can change my lifestyle so that I felt good and happy on the inside.”

- Sarah Grundy

How can I find out if Blinco Built is a good fit for me?

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