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We help busy professionals from south of the river go from broken bodies to athletic performance in a fun, safe environment

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If you’re looking for an approach that prioritises longevity, being fitter, stronger and more mobile to enjoy life outside of the gym, then Blinco Built might just be the place for you

At Blinco Built we help people:

  • Take control of their nutrition without restrictive meal plans
  • Fall in love with getting stronger and fitter
  • Build long term habits and behaviours with their exercise and nutrition
  • Have fun while still working hard in a small, supportive group environment


Don’t take our word. See our testimonials

Slide 2 Mark and his offsider Ryan are both great at what they do - instruct, motivate, encourage and make training something you actually look forward to. Would highly recommend checking out Blinco Built. Maabs Parent Slide 2 Mark has customised my training to my needs, as I carry injuries. This means that I can do alternative exercises to achieve the same results as everyone else. Mark always holds me to account and changes my routine to... Karen Greenwood Slide 2 I’ve been training at Blinco Built for a couple of years now and it’s by far the best group training I’ve been a part of. The classes are varied and include a balance of both cardio and weights that are accessible.... Richard Pugh Slide 2 It’s been a pleasure training at Blinco Built. Mark is a friendly, approachable and knowledgeable coach who is genuinely invested in his clients’ needs and goals.Workouts are challenging yet... Tegan Cole Slide 2 Mark's morning 'Mum' classes are great. I've been attending for over a year and they're always varied and challenging. It's at quick 45 minute pit stop to set you up for the rest of the day. Highly recommend!... Elena Marchese Slide 2 Joining Blinco Built was the best decision I made for my health and fitness journey. As someone who exercises for mental health and well-being rather than weight loss, I've struggled to find a... Sukey Allison


Get motivated to be your most confident!


    – Make nutrition simple to understand and easy to follow, because we understand you can’t be making 3 different meals for you, your kids, your partner, every night

    – Training that challenges you without destroying you, allowing you to take on life without worrying about your knee, back or shoulder giving out on you

    – Support on your journey so that you are constantly kept accountable to the goals you’ve set with frequent check ins and sit down 1on1 consults every 16 weeks

    – A fun environment, training with people just like you, looking to improve themselves and live life to the fullest

    Contact us now for a free consult to work out how we can help you achieve long term results