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Sarah Grundy

After losing 11kgs when she first joined (and keeping it off since) Sazzle has increased her strength and fitness and is midway through her best netball season yet! Here is what Saz had to say about her journey at Blinco Built so far!

“I joined Blinco Built because although I was already doing a lot of exercise (possibly too much…), I wasn’t getting the results I wanted.”

“As a chronic pain sufferer, joining Blinco Built wasn’t about how much weight I could lose or how skinny I can be, it was about learning how I can change my lifestyle so that I felt good and happy on the inside.”

“Living with endometriosis and interstitial cystitis is not easy and after being diagnosed at 19yrs, I found that my perspective on life changed for the worse. I was told that excessive amounts of exercise and a healthy lifestyle would help yet I wasn’t aware that a “healthy lifestyle” is not as simple as going for a run and eating kale.”

“Despite his terrible dad jokes, Mark is really easy going and has taught me a lot not only about sustainable dieting but also muscle recovery, benefits of everyday mobility exercises, sleep and stress management and so much more, more than that anyone would learn from joining the average gym.”

“The safe environment that Mark has created where everyone’s goals are celebrated and no one is left feeling insecure about their ability or journey, makes Blinco Built unique and has definitely become one of my “happy” places.”

“As someone who suffers two chronic medical conditions, having a coach who listens and doesn’t judge is something that is super important and that’s one of the many reasons why I’ve stuck with Mark all this time.”

“Since joining, my lifestyle has changed dramatically for the better; more energy, more time, less pain and most importantly, happier”


review1-compressor “I’ve been training with Mark for just over a year and have had amazing results! Training with Mark is brilliant, not only does he help you reach your goals in the gym but also outside the gym thus helping you create a much better, healthier and happier lifestyle. I never thought going to the gym would be fun but with Blinco Built, I always look forward to training and it’s become my “happy place”. If you want great results whilst gaining a bunch of good friends who encourage you along the way, Blinco Built is the place to be (but beware of Mark’s dad jokes).”
– Sarah Grundy

post2 “Joining Blinco Built was the best decision I made for my health and fitness journey. As someone who exercises for mental health and well-being rather than weight loss, I’ve struggled to find a gym that doesn’t use the scales as an indicator of ‘doing well’. Mark gets to know you and understand what your needs and goals are. He keeps you accountable in and outside of the gym but I’ve never felt pressured, he’ll always understand if I’m having a hard/bad week. The class environment is always super positive, friendly and encouraging. Blinco Built is the best 💪”
– Sukey Allison

post2 “It’s been a pleasure training at Blinco Built.
Mark is a friendly, approachable and knowledgeable coach who is genuinely invested in his clients’ needs and goals.
Workouts are challenging yet achievable and fun.

You won’t find any ego at Blinco Built, just a bunch of people having fun achieving their fitness goals together, (you don’t even have to be clad head to toe in the latest Lululemon!)”
– Tegan Cole

post2 “I’ve been training at Blinco Built for a couple of years now and it’s by far the best group training I’ve been a part of. The classes are varied and include a balance of both cardio and weights that are accessible for any fitness level. Mark also has a very good personal approach with his clients and no matter what your goal is, works with you along your journey to achieve this.”
– Richard Pugh

post2 “Mark has customised my training to my needs, as I carry injuries. This means that I can do alternative exercises to achieve the same results as everyone else. Mark always holds me to account and changes my routine to improve my strength and fitness. His health and nutrition advice is invaluable. I highly recommend his training and value the comeraderie of the entire Blinco Built family.”
– Karen Greenwood

post2 “Mark’s morning ‘Mum’ classes are great. I’ve been attending for over a year and they’re always varied and challenging. It’s at quick 45 minute pit stop to set you up for the rest of the day. Highly recommend!”
– Elena Marchese

post2 “Mark and his offsider Ryan are both great at what they do – instruct, motivate, encourage and make training something you actually look forward to. Would highly recommend checking out Blinco Built.”
– Maabs

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