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Are you feeling like things are starting to turn for you?

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May 4, 2022

Are you feeling like things are starting to turn for you? 



I know a lot of people who feel like they’ve come through something heavy, a big ordeal, even if putting a name to the ordeal or even the feeling is hard


It’s really easy in times of stress to just focus on everything that’s gone wrong or on every failure and we often forget that times of stress cause growth even if we don’t recognise it


And then when you step out of that period, you just move onto the next thing


It’s important to take some time and reflect on where you’ve been, and what you’ve achieved


To close the page on the last chapter, learn some lessons, and open the next with a clear mind


This exercise from John Berardi is a chance to recognise the growth you’ve had over the last 4 weeks and what you’re looking forward to over the next 4 


It’s something really easy to do and something really worth doing every so often (a reminder twice a year is a great place to start)


Answer the following questions:


Looking Back


1) What have you put the most effort into during the last 4 weeks? (write that down to remind yourself where your focus and energy has been)


2) What are you most proud of from the last few weeks? (Look for daily wins, like training when you really didn’t feel like it at first, you’ve done something you’re proud of, now celebrate yourself 🙂


3) How will you high-five yourself for the great work? (in an empowering way, think about how you’ll celebrate your progress, no matter how small)


4) What more would you have liked to accomplish? (Everyone thinks has mini regrets, so write it down and then let it go)


Looking Forward (get excited here)



1) Looking ahead to the next 4 weeks, what are you most looking forward to?

(What’s getting you excited!)


2) Knowing what you’re about to work on, what advantages do you think you have that’ll make progress more likely? (Tune into what you are great at that will help. Could be anything, even just cooking or listening.. anything)


3) Knowing what’s coming up in the next 4 weeks, what things are likely to stand in your way?

(Think about the things that could prevent progress)


4) How can you prepare, right now, to make sure those things don’t get in your way?

(Having listed your obstacles, think about how you’ll prevent them)


Give it a try and let me know how you go 🙌

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