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Everything is a skill, why you should treat weight loss like a new job

Benefits of personal training for pain relief

August 19, 2021

Everything is a skill. Once upon a time you didn’t know how to tie your shoelaces, what about your job? Did you walk on and know everything you know now and do the same quality of work you do now?

Of course not

Training and nutrition are not different. You can’t expect to try once and be incredible, no one has ever performed anything of difficulty well the first time they tried

You will have to try and fail, like you did when you started your job, and deal with mistakes, like you still have to do with your job, with time and help you will get better

It helps to get someone to show you the ropes, imagine starting a job where no one tells you anything, not even what you do, and you’ve just got to scrawl through google and instagram to find out how to do everything

You probably wouldn’t stay for long

Find someone to help you on the journey, someone to show you the ropes, the common downfalls and what needs to be achieved. Sure, you’ll put your own spin on things, but it helps to have support and guidance

Take on your health journey as if learning a new skill and you’ll be better able to see failure as learning and mistakes as growth

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