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You need problems

Benefits of personal training for pain relief

December 20, 2021

You need problems.

The idea of any sort of improvement isn’t to eliminate all your problems, it’s to get rid of the boring, annoying problems and replace them with meaningful, joyful problems, the kind of problems you’d love to have

Problems like, should you kick the footy with your kids or go for a run, ride or swim with them? Instead of worrying about whether your back will give out while picking the laundry basket up

Not worrying about whether your body will hold to basic tasks vs being able to live life fully outside of the gym

Problems like, should you have pasta or steak for dinner? Instead of worrying about how you are going to stop putting on weight

Not knowing whether you should cut carbs, try keto or start fasting vs having a plan that allows for you to enjoy the foods you love in the portions that will make you feel great and get the results you want

There are good problems, the ones that are new and interesting and fun to solve, the ones you upgrade to, and there are the bad problems, the ones you have tried and failed to solve over and over again

The way to get better problems? Increase knowledge, skills and get someone or something thing you are accountable to that will guide you along the way

What problems do you have that you’d like to upgrade?


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