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Walking into a new gym can be SCARY!

Benefits of personal training for pain relief

December 20, 2021

Walking into a new gym may be the scariest thing you have to do

It’s a foreign environment, you have no idea what to expect, there are people in there that know each other really well (if the gym has a great community), which is great!

Except they don’t know you so you immediately feel like an outsider

Even if you’ve tried many gyms in the past, you can feel this anxiety when starting somewhere new

This is why we meet with everyone 1on1 before you start, then you at least have a friendly face

You can go through you can be confident that your coach has your best interests at heart, because we find out what matters to you and make sure we can deliver on that

Also, we treat you the same way we would if you were coming to our house for the first time, make sure you are seen, you are not just a number and you are made to feel at home

That’s important, if this place is become a safe space for you to become a better version of yourself

You need to trust that this is a place that it is safe to push yourself and to become part of a community of people that are all striving to live life more fully outside of the gym

The gym doesn’t have to be scary, it can be the start of an incredible journey to being more self confident, a more energetic parent, and a fitter and stronger human

Take the first step and we’ll meet you half way

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