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If you got 99 problems, sleep is your first one

Benefits of personal training for pain relief

September 29, 2022

I got 99 problems and sleep is number 1

All the toddler parents out there know the feeling!

The last 3 weeks have been pretty intense

Midnight awakenings, 1-2 hours back to sleep, early mornings, repeat

You feel like a zombie!

Good luck focussing at work

Or eating well, where’s the bread?

Training? Just barely (I have my minimum standard of 10 minutes of movement that I do)

Often our personal training clients have big plans about the changes they’re going to make to their nutrition, or exercise, cut down on alcohol…

However, if you’re sleeping badly, any of these changes can seem impossible

Everything else is a lot easier when you’ve had a good night sleep

Particularly if the poor sleep is ongoing

How you fix your sleep depends on where you’re struggling most

As always, we use an individualised approach to our sleep coaching

Each person is different, and so the starting points will always be different

Just like if you’re changing your nutrition

Some people need help falling asleep

Others wake up and can’t get back to sleep

Or wake up to wee more than once a night

This might be you, you’re in bed for 8-9 hours and wake up feeling hungover

Whatever it is, there are ways to improve

The biggest issue just needs to be identified and often it can be easily attacked

If you’re experiencing terrible sleep and are looking to get on track with your health and fitness

Still start exercising (it will help with the sleep), but prioritise fixing your sleep!

Need help? Reach out

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