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Add your way to weight loss

Benefits of personal training for pain relief

October 7, 2022

Does losing weight make you think of all the things you’ll have to give up? 

That might not be the best approach.

Read on to see why

One of the principles we live by, getting you results without giving up the lifestyle you love

That’s the promise we make to all of our personal training and small group class members

Now that’s not to say that you’ll be doing exactly the same thing and losing weight

It just means that you maybe the best way to start, is by adding something in

Rather than taking away 

A good example is adding a side salad to dinner

You still eat your bolognese with spaghetti, and enjoy it!

The salad is added on top

“Won’t that increase my calories?!”

Probably not, by eating the salad you’ll be adding fibre which will likely increase your feelings of fullness

Not the mention all the extra nutrients which will make you feel better and more energised

You could also add more protein to the sauce

So instead of bowl full of pasta and a scoop of sauce

Halve the pasta and double the sauce

Once again, increasing the amount of nutrients, increasing feelings of fullness 

While still enjoying your pasta!

A fruit bowl to the kitchen bench is another great example of adding rather than subtracting

We’d much rather start by adding with our personal training and small group class members

The great thing is that it often makes the subtracting easier in the long run

And you’re less likely to feel like you’re missing out 

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