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Eating without distraction

Benefits of personal training for pain relief

October 7, 2022

Are you eating lunch while reading this on your phone? 

A core principle we teach to our personal training and small group class members is eating mindfully 

Part of that, is the practice of eating without distraction 

How many meals a day do you eat without a TV, phone, laptop or computer screen in front of you? 

The more you can eat without any of those distractions the better 

Not because any of those are inherently bad, but so you can pay attention to your hunger and fullness signals

The more distracted you’re while eating the more likely you’re to over eat

So if you’re distracted at every meal, it’s going to be very hard to not overeat 

This doesn’t mean eating alone, in fact, a great strategy to reduce distractions is to eat with someone else

You’re less likely to have your phone in front of you if you’re having a conversation 

And the bonus is that you’re also more likely to eat slowly because you’ll be talking and listening in between bites

The key with this isn’t to try and eat ALL your meals without distraction straight away

Particularly if you’re currently eating in front of a screen for every meal

Instead, pick one meal a day for a week that will never have any screen nearby

Once again this is probably easier to do with a meal that you know you can eat with someone else 

That way you’re less likely to get bored

See if this simple practice makes the meal more enjoyable 

More enjoyment and better health, why wouldn’t you? 

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