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10 Benefits of Personal Training

Benefits of personal training for pain relief

March 29, 2022

10 Benefits of Personal Training


There’s many great reasons why the best sports stars and movie stars looking to get huge results use Personal Training 


And it doesn’t have to break the bank either! 


If you’re wondering if Personal Training is a good option for you, this article will provide you with the 10 greatest benefits to having your own personal trainer


Personal Training gives you a structured plan 


This one is obvious, a personal trainer should provide you with your own individualised plan


An individualised plan should be structured to take you from where you’re right now, to where you would love to go in the shortest time possible


Gradually increasing intensity and volume of exercise over time to make sure you progress and smash your goals in the fastest time possible


Personal Training gives maximum results in minimal time


Not being part of a group means that you aren’t spending time on training that won’t directly impact your goals


Necessity means that group training will include a variety of things to suit most people, while personal training isn’t about most people, it’s just about you


Really you’re getting speed of results


Personal Training provides a focus on correct form


Getting your form correct can be a life saver, or at least a back saver


If there are 30 people in a room with one coach, there’s only so much time that coach can spend with each person 


With personal training you get the full 45 minutes of undivided attention


This means if you’re really struggling to get an exercise or movement right, your personal trainer can spend the time you need to get it right 


This will save you a lot of time, and possibly save you from back pain in the future!


Personal Training increases accountability


Having an appointment with your personal trainer makes you more accountable


If you know that your personal trainer is there waiting for you, you’re much more likely to brush off a hard day and show up


And, the people that get the best results are those that show up consistently


This means this benefit may be the biggest of all!


Personal Training helps with goal setting


Working one on one with your personal trainer means they get to know you and what’s important to you


This means that when you sit down to do a goal review (which should be a regular occurrence) your personal trainer can help you set goals that are better suited to your lifestyle 


A great goal should give you direction and motivation to keep going when things get tough


Should include nutritional guidance and tips


A personal training session is a great time to chat about little bumps in the road


These happen, particularly when it comes to staying on track with your eating


A good personal trainer should include some guidance about the best ways to stay on track with your nutrition 


Your one on one time with your personal trainer each week is a great time to chat about nutrition


Which will create constant progress towards your long term goals


Provides a greater focus on specific injury rehabilitation 


Everyone has aches and pains at some stage of their life

Whether it’s an old netball or footy injury or maybe just too much time in the garden

You probably have old injuries or niggles that often come up


A good personal training plan should include a injury prevention and rehabilitation element that address these over time


Allows you to do more of the fun stuff


You won’t always love the exercises you do

However, personal training allows you to do more of the things you enjoy 

That way your personal trainer can mix in a few of the things you don’t like that are good for you

Of course, mixed in with plenty of the things you love, that are also good for you!


Includes detailed assessments 


Any personal training plan should start with detailed assessments that are relevant to your goals


These could be body composition assessments, strength and fitness assessments, or even flexibility and mobility


That way you have a relevant way to track your progress over time, which can ensure you’re moving towards your goals


It can also be really motivating to look back at how far you’ve come from when you first started!


Actually provides great value 


People think of personal training as expensive, however if you look at it per minute of time, it’s actually the best value


In a group class you often have 30 people training with just 1 or 2 coaches


For a 45 minute class that means you’re paying $15-20 for 1-3 minutes of attention


Which works out to be between $5-15 per minute of coaching


The standard personal training session is between $70-90 per 45 minutes


This works out to between $1.50-2 per minute of coaching, far better value 




Hopefully this gives you a good idea of whether personal training might be a good option for you


If you’d like more information you can reach out to us to book a free consult and we can chat about whether you’d be better suited to small group classes or personal training based on your goals 

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