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A better plan to improve your health

Benefits of personal training for pain relief

March 29, 2022

A better plan to improve your health


Starving yourself, cutting out entire food groups, having a dry month might all improve your health


All of these things start easy, and get harder as you go


Eating mindfully, controlling your portions, moderating your alcohol intake


These things are hard to start, and develop skill over time, which means they get easier the more you practice


Which is going to help you lose weight and keep it off over the long run? 


The key is to make the hard things easier to start 


So, make them smaller and more fun


Eating mindfully becomes setting a 15 minute timer for dinner


You have to eat one plate of food over the 15 minutes 


No waiting to the 14 minute mark and scoffing your meal in one minute, this has to be consistent mouthfuls over the entire time


It’s hard


But if done with the family, it can be a fun challenge


Maybe it takes two weeks before you can all do tick the box at least once


You don’t need to do it for every meal, just the experience of doing it once will give you an idea of why it’s so important 


Putting down your knife and fork until you’ve finished chewing


No screens on while you eat


Actually talking to each other and listening and interacting meaningfully


Enjoying the food, commenting on it


These are all things that will help dinner take 15 minutes to eat


Why will this approach improve your health?


The learning, the skill development, the boring stuff which will be critical to your success


Make that part fun


Turn it into a game


Include your family and friends

The pay off is obvious, you can see the good parts of it already


It might be awkward to begin with, this is to be expected, maybe you don’t regularly sit down with nothing else to do but talk and eat slowly 


Time will make you better at it, the alternatives?


Maybe you’ll get slightly better at them but unless you plan on never drinking again


Or never eating another carb for the rest of your life


Well, they’re dead ends, and you know that


Time for something a little different this time


Something that will last 


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