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You probably don’t lack discipline

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March 29, 2022

You probably don’t lack discipline


Are you lacking discipline? 


We hear this a lot from new people to the gym


Maybe they do, but it’s hard to know for sure


It’s generally not discipline that you lack, it’s that you don’t have a system to follow 


Another way to think about it


You’re not lacking discipline, but a routine


How does your morning look? Does the first hour of your day look the same everyday? 


If not, you’re wasting a lot of mental energy making decisions that don’t need to be made


You’re burning through your willpower and leaning on discipline much more than you need to


It’s like saying you’re not strong enough because you can’t lift your car. Why would you need to lift your car? 


You’ve got a carjack in the boot to do the heavy lifting


The same with routines (systems), let the routine do the heavy lifting while you save your brain power for more important problems


I’m not going to give you a good morning routine, that will be completely up to


However, there is a template to follow


Make a list of things you need to do each morning


Rate the things from hardest to easiest


How can you make the hardest things easier, things like going to the gym, meditating, going for a walk


A good routine, morning or evening, has easy to follow steps that remain the same, at least on weekdays


Think about clumping all the tasks that can be done on autopilot, drinking 500ml of water, going for a walk, buying a coffee, eating breakfast, putting on your clothes, brushing your teeth


And dump them, one after the other.


Do it the same way everyday


Bonus points if you set as many of them up as you can the night before


Clothes laid out for the gym and work


Water in your bottle on the kitchen bench


Takeaway coffee mug next to your keys and wallet 


If there’s no decision to make, there’s no discipline required, this is just what you do


Write your list, make the hard things easier, and watch your discipline soar!


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