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Why we don’t do massive group classes

Benefits of personal training for pain relief

March 18, 2022

We don’t do massive group classes

We don’t hate massive group classes, we just don’t think they’re the best way to get incredible results


If you need to train with 30 other people at the same time, we probably aren’t the place for you


Massive group classes cop a lot of stick from some places, we don’t believe they’re bad, sure better than sitting on the couch


Or wandering around a 24/7 gym not knowing what you should be doing


It just isn’t us


We like small groups of people of like minded people working hard together


That way you don’t feel like you’re suffering alone


While also getting enough time to get individual support, in and out of your sessions


In a massive group class you get around 90 seconds of personal coaching time


With us, you get 7 minutes


Just over that actually


It allows for an especially close knit community of people that are on the same journey


You get to know the people you’re training with


You have time to speak to your coach during the session, get adjustments specific to you and your goals


Success sessions every 13 weeks, where you sit down with your coach 1 to 1 and set goals, solve problems and stay on track


If there’s 300+ members, there’s no way that can work


With a maximum member count of 100, it’s an integral part of what we do


If you want a personal touch, individual goals, consistent accountability, this could be the place for you


We’re not for everyone. But we might be for you


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