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Pick a challenge that moves you towards your goals

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March 18, 2022

Are you picking a challenge that moves you towards your goals or away from them?


There are many options to take for moving towards your goals


Figuring out portion sizes is hard.


Cutting out carbs is hard. 


Both will work. At least in the short term


Project out to 12 weeks ahead, which one is still really hard and which one has gotten easier with time? 


Cutting carbs works, for a very short time


Then you fall off the wagon (and into a huge pile of cinnamon scrolls, who the hell put them next to the wagon?)


You learn that cutting carbs is incredibly hard and not sustainable


12 months later, you’ve forgotten enough about how hard it was, and your memory has put the rose coloured glasses on, and you’re ready to get hurt again


Back on the wagon. You’ve put on 10 kgs since you last did you carb cut, you need to lose that just to get back to your old weight

What about controlling portion sizes?


Well, in 12 months you’ve probably gained some skills and tactics to keep your portions sizes under control


At the least, you will have learned how to recognise when you’re going off track and need a little kick up the bum to get going again


You’ve slowly lost 10kgs, had a couple of plateaus, life got hard at some stages, some snacks creeped in


Got back on, still ahead of where you started


The peaks and troughs of weight loss are smaller, more consistent


You realise you’re able to live a lifestyle you love AND have the body you want


Maybe it’s not portion control, maybe it’s planning out your dinners and lunches each week, it could be walking into a gym for the first time, or going for a walk everyday 


Instead of picking hard things that will take you AWAY from your goals, swap them for hard things that will take you TOWARDS your goals 


Three good questions to ask yourself when deciding:


  1. How long will this goal take to achieve?
  2. Will this action plan be sustainable for that long? 
  3. What is my plan once I’ve achieved my goal? 


Answer those and you’ll be in a much better place in 12 weeks and 12 months 


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