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Small consistent steps to win the game

Benefits of personal training for pain relief

March 10, 2022

Small consistent steps to win the game

How do you win the game of health?


You can only choose one:


  1. Doing something that feels easy but never gets you anywhere




  1. Doing something that feels hard but gets you the results you’ve dreamed of


That sounds ridiculous, of course you would choose B 


Another way of putting this:


  1. Try cutting carbs and training 6 days a week 




  1. Portion control and exercise between 2 and 4 times a week


Option A works while life is going well, work is quiet, the kids are killing it at school, and you’re in a great routine with life 


B works all the time, it’s the minimum you can commit to when things are tough, and it still gets you closer to your goals, it even feels like you could more when life is flying


And that’s the trap


It feels too good to be true, how could you give something less time and get better results? 


Because small consistent steps forward creates momentum, what starts as a small snowball eventually gathers enough speed to become an avalanche 


You make huge gains. 


As opposed to stopping and starting every few months, not getting any better, just doing the same thing over and over again


So why would you?


Well, it seems silly but there’s actually method to your madness


The first option is a lot safer, it makes sense when you fail, deep down you always knew you were going to fail


“I was going great and then work got busy, and there was so much going on with the kids sport and school, it just got too much” 


Who could blame you for not following your diet 100% and spending 4 hours a week in the gym?


In fact, over 90% of challenges don’t work, so you’re not alone and you’re not silly 

How do you actually win the game?

Option B actually flips the likelihood you will succeed, which in a sense is risky


What if you’re one of the 5-10% it doesn’t work for? 


Well, with the right plan, and accountability you can stack the odds in your favour even more than that


Will you smash every goal you ever set? I hope not


How boring. Your goals are probably too small


But at least to start with, find the right plan, that will survive your life at its busiest and do the hard work of achieving early wins and building momentum to the huge gains that will follow


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