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The First Steps

Benefits of personal training for pain relief

March 10, 2022

The First Steps

How do you take the first steps?

“I haven’t exercised in years”  or “I eat okay but have still put on 10 kilos”, and “I have no confidence in myself and every time I look in the mirror or try on clothes I don’t like what I see”


This is the kind of story I hear almost daily 


People say these things, good people, people who are kind, caring, otherwise great people that deserve better


Yet they have this, almost darkness inside them, eating away at them and it’s horrible to hear and to see


When people are in this kind of state, getting back to feeling great is a mountain that looks impossible to even comprehend, let alone climb


But each journey starts with a single footstep and that’s not glamorous, or exciting, it just is the truth


Don’t try to conquer the world 


Just take that first step


What does that actually look like? 


 think it’s these two things, and just these two:


1) Add some movement to your day 


Something that will make you sweat, walk, run, gym, dance, whatever


2) Plan your meals in advance


Don’t wake up not knowing what you’ll have for breakfast or lunch, or dinner that day 


You don’t have to meal prep just think about what you will eat


That’s it, just start


By starting a movement practice, you’ll start waking up earlier, organising yourself better, getting on top of your washing so you have something to wear, the list goes on


Take the first two steps and see where the path leads, you deserve better for yourself


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