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Be a farmer

Benefits of personal training for pain relief

April 7, 2022

Be a farmer.


There’s something about long drives through the country, it gives you time to reflect, to think, in between listening to the Wiggles anyway 


One thing that farmers know is that your results can’t be rushed


You can’t harvest a crop a day after it’s planted, you have to look after it day after day


There are natural laws that you can’t break, they can’t be skipped


Sure, you can enhance things, but you must follow the order


You know this applies to almost everything you do, whether that’s losing weight (and keeping it off) or growing your own tomatoes 


Too often you try to look for shortcuts, forgetting that there is still progress to be had by following the natural order


And there is reward for you when you take the farmers approach


When you follow the natural order you get to keep the progress you’ve made


So what does this look like for you when it comes to losing 10 kgs? 


Rather than following a strict meal plan that has no context in your life and you know is not something you can follow for more than 3-4 weeks 


You focus on the kind of person you must become, the kind of person that is healthy


Things like controlling your portions


Changing your beliefs about having to eat everything in sight when you go to a party


Thinking you have to drink 6 pints in order to have fun


You have to eat dessert after dinner every night


The incredible thing is, when you decide to change your habits and beliefs around food, your results are just as fast as cutting out carbs for 4 weeks


Except, you keep the changes, you learn skills that will serve you when the weight loss stalls 


The real question is: In 6 months time where will you be? Which method will have you further along your weight loss journey? 


Be a farmer, the seeds you plant now, will be the crop you harvest in 6 months time 


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