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You never stop having problems

Benefits of personal training for pain relief

April 7, 2022

You never stop having problems 


There is no promised land with no problems, and thank god for that


What you do is:

a) You solve the problems you currently have


  1. b) Learn from the pursuit of the solutions to those problems 


  1. c) Then you move onto more important ones


Since the old problems no longer stand in your way (for now) there is something else stopping you


And it’s probably a harder issue to solve


Which also makes it more interesting


Thank god, because you’ve improved since you solved your previous problems so you wouldn’t want to spend all that time resolving the old ones again


That’s not to say they won’t pop up again, you’re human after all


Never make the same mistake twice is ridiculous


You do that all the time


It’s just the more you do it, the faster you get at solving it


Problems Matter 


This is why it’s so critical to learn lessons and not just out-source the solution to really important problems


Like your nutrition 


Is your health important to you? 


Think about being sick, health is the MOST important thing to you in those moments


So, it’s probably a good idea to learn how to stay in relatively good health


At least, you’d want to know how to get back to good health when you fall off track


To be able to teach your kids what good health looks like


This is why we help you find the solutions to your problems, come up with action plans and hold you accountable to those plans


Rather than giving you a cookie cutter, restrictive meal plan, you’re never going to be able to follow and won’t teach you anything!


Much better, in the short and long term to have a plan to follow, that you’ve helped create 


Then, together, we can move onto better and more interesting problems 

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