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Change your environment, change your life

Benefits of personal training for pain relief

June 8, 2022

Change your environment, change your life


When was the last time you did an audit of your environment? Probably never?


Have you ever looked around at the spaces you inhabit and thought, 


“How could I make it easier to do the things that will take me towards my goals AND make it harder to do the things that take me away from my goals?”


This, more than habits, will make you more likely to achieve your weight loss goals and live the life you want to live


One of the top priorities with our Personal Training clients is to have them audit their environment to make it easier to make the right choices when it comes to their weight loss goals


Things like:


Taking processed food out of the cupboard


Putting a fruit bowl on the kitchen bench


Laying out your gym clothes the night before


Filling up your water bottle and leaving it next to the coffee machine


Having meals in the freezer


Parking further away from the shops….


All of these things take away the need for decisions


They take away the fluff between will I or won’t I, they make it much easier to just do!


How to do this? 


Walk around the house, the office, wherever you spend a lot of your time  

List off the things that take you away from your goals and towards your weight loss goals


Think about how you can turn it more towards the positive and away from the negative


Pro tip: adding is just as good as subtracting i.e. adding a fruit bowl etc


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