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Coconut Protein Yoghurt

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May 26, 2022

Coconut Protein Yoghurt


Love yoghurt? Need more protein? Protein yoghurt is your solution 


I generally have a scoop of protein powder a day, mostly weekdays when I have less time to eat and prepare food, it’s just convenient and yum, especially when mixed in with coconut yoghurt


You can make this with Greek yoghurt if you like




150g Yoghurt of your choice


30g vanilla vegan protein powder


½ tsp cinnamon


Splash of water as required




Mix together the yoghurt with the protein powder and cinnamon and test the consistency 


It will depend on the brand of protein and your personal preference


If you like it more like a mousse you might not need water, but if you want it to remain a yoghurt consistency, splash in a little water and stir until you get the Goldilocks effect



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