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Once you kick the log, the river will start flowing

Benefits of personal training for pain relief

May 19, 2022

Once you kick the log, the river will start flowing


Do you need to add something to your routine to get your health kick started? 




Or do you actually need to get rid of the one thing holding you back? 


Often you look for things to chuck into your routine to improve, when really it’s the one thing you actually need to STOP doing that’s really holding you back


“Once you kick the log, the river will start flowing” 


A great example of this is dopamine destroying habits 


Doing things like checking your emails, or social media, or even just your phone first thing in the morning can ruin your dopamine levels


This makes it much harder to do the things you need to do, like train 


So whilst you might spend your time looking for a new, more motivating workout routine 


Or, a better diet that’s going to help you shed the unwanted pounds of fat 


Sorry if I just turned into a google ad 


When really what you need to do is kick the thing that’s ruining your discipline from the mornings to the afternoons, or at least until after you’ve done the “hard things” 


Why am I picking on dopamine? Because so many people say they lack motivation


Dopamine is pretty much the key to that, or least the key to desiring to the do good things


If you cut off the dopamine to rats (real experiment), they just lay there, doing nothing


Not going to food or water, or even cocaine (really weird experiment) 


It’s not that they don’t want those things, when researchers give them food or water they eat and drink


The problem is, the rats have no desire to CHASE the food or water, to even get up from where they’re laying (sound familiar?) and grab what they want


That’s how important dopamine is, and social media has been created to hijack your dopamine 


TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Emails! All give you an instant hit of dopamine


The tricky thing about dopamine is that it’s difficult to go from high, instant dopamine hits (social media) to low dopamine (exercise/making your lunch) 


Much easier to do it in reverse, it also gives you something to look forward to in your day 


So what do you do with this information? 


  1. Identify the key area that throws you off track (email/social media/general phone checking, too much tv, any self sabotaging behaviour that you repeatedly do)

  2. Kick that habit, or at least do it after you’ve done whatever it is you find hard to do (checking emails at 10am instead of 7am, it’s an email, it can wait)

  3. Get the habit you want to start done first thing in the morning, and create some momentum!


Kick the log out of your life and let the river of results start flowing!

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