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Confused about your nutrition? Start here

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August 25, 2022

Trying to clean up your eating? 

A structured meal plan probably isn’t the first place you should start

And if you’ve tried to clean up your diet before, you probably already know that

How many times have you found meal plans too restrictive and hard to follow? 

There’s many ways to skin a cat, and meal plans work for a few people, but not most

And there are many easier ways to get great results quickly, without the stress

Without giving up all the things you love

We believe an individual approach to nutrition is critical 

Because it has to include all the areas of your life, and who knows your life better than you? 

If cutting out all alcohol means it’s harder to catch up with friends then that’s probably not the best approach for you

Social connection is critically important 

Maybe your breakfast and lunch is on autopilot 

But if I asked you what you were having for dinner tonight you don’t know

Or you have a pantry full of easy to reach snacks that you can’t stop raiding 

We help you find the one thing you do right now, that’s:

A) easy to change

B) if changed would give you immediate results

The third part is the accountability

We help you stay on track when things get in the way

Like the sound of this approach? Reach out and we’ll help get you back on track!

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