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Time to get started?

Benefits of personal training for pain relief

August 25, 2022

Great! Have you made time to get started though?

Exercise is great for your mental health and a great way to give you back control of your life

However, it takes time, and I’m betting you don’t feel like you have a lot to spare at the moment

At least if you’re anything like the majority of our personal training and small group class members

Exercise (and eating well) is just another thing on a long to-do list

That’s why planning is such a critical part of the start of the journey

And simple planning at that

So, meal prepping and tracking food on MyFitnessPal is what you might think of when I say planning

However, that’s really end stage, and probably unnecessary for your goals

When we talk about planning it’s as simple as writing the days and times you’ll train this week

“I will train on Monday, Tuesday and Friday at 6:30am this week”

Rather than “I’m hoping to make it 3 times this week” 

Seems small but it is a huge change (3-4 times more likely to show up using the first method) 

And it’s one of the major reasons we book people into their sessions when they start 

That spot is locked in, it’s your appointment to look after yourself, you’ve got it for as long as you want it

With nutrition this might look like a weekly menu

Take 10-15 minutes to write out your breakfast, lunch and dinner for the week

Include meals out and parties (obviously not the food you’ll eat, just that you’re going) 

And that will also make you more likely to choose your food consciously

Even at those parties

Take some simple steps to create a plan for your fitness and nutrition 

And you’ll create momentum and motivation to hit your goals

Need help coming up with a plan to suit your busy lifestyle? 

Reach out, we can help

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