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Struggle with your work lunches? Try this!

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August 19, 2022

Every personal training and small group class member that start with us struggle with either lunches or dinners

This is for those of you that struggle with your lunches!

You may have tried meal prepping for a little while with some success

But found it too hard to keep up

Or maybe you don’t like taking leftovers to work the next day (this is probably the easiest solution, but not for everyone) 

Instead you could try the traffic light system

The best thing about bringing your lunch isn’t necessarily the fact that your brought your lunch

It’s the fact that you planned what you were going to eat ahead of time

Which means you eliminate the stress eating, and the panicked “dammit, what’s closest?” 

An easy fix for that is to do some planning ahead of time

This is a 10 minute exercise that you can use forever

Or at least until you change jobs

All you have to do, is open up the 3 best takeaway joints near by

The ones you like eating at and that have good options

And create a list with 3 columns, Green / Orange / Red

Under the green column, write the two best lunch options 

The orange column will have two pretty good options

And the red column will have two options that aren’t ideal but that are pretty tasty, quick and better than a pie or Macca’s

So, not perfect, but still better than it could be

This is your plan

With your plan you know that even on your worst days you’ll be better than you were without the plan 

And on your best days you’re killing it

It takes out willpower, it takes out decision making and it takes out discipline 

Spend 10 minutes on this and reap the rewards for years to come!

Need help? Reach out

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