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The pre-mortem for your fitness goals

Benefits of personal training for pain relief

August 19, 2022

Alright, you’ve set your goals and you’re feeling motivated to smash them!

That’s it, get into it and hope for the best, right? 

We’d say you’re missing one key step

A step we go through with all of our personal training and small group class members everytime we sit down and set goals with them

During our Success Sessions, every 13 weeks

This actually could be the most important step 

And the one that if implemented could be catapult your results

It may seem a little depressing at first, but done well, makes a lot of sense

Some call it a pre-mortem

Once you’ve set your goals and got your action steps 

You need to ask yourself one serious question:

“How am I going to fail?”

That’s right

Imagine you’ve failed

It’s all gone wrong

Give yourself 10 minutes to write down exactly what happened, and how it happened

The reason this is the most important step is because it anchors you in reality

When your motivation is high at the start you’re overly optimistic

Which is great for 5 minutes, but in a couple of days when reality hits you in the face you feel unprepared

And by surprise, you fall off, like last time

However, you kind of knew what would happen

Because it’s happened before

And if you spent 5-10 minutes to planning for it, it wouldn’t be a surprise

You’d be prepared and when it happened, instead of panicking and getting pissed off at yourself

You could think “Ah, it happened, thank god I know what to do this time” 

Forewarned is forearmed, and you know you better than anyone 

You know how you fail

And you probably know or can start to think of some solutions to those problems

Of course, help is the fastest way to get results

If you want results fast, reach out and we can help you plan for failure

So you can reach success

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