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Struggling with motivation? Read this

Benefits of personal training for pain relief

July 19, 2022

Are you struggling with motivation?


“I’m looking for something to keep me motivated”


You might have heard that losing weight is 80% nutrition and 20% training


It’s not, it’s 99% consistency 


Which means accountability and enjoyment 


If you don’t enjoy what you’re doing, that’s fine, just know the results won’t stick


Because, eventually you’ll quit


If there’s no accountability, that’s fine, just know that you aren’t being coached


Because you’re being baby sat


Enjoyment comes from being challenged at the right level for you


Being surrounded by a great, supportive community that cares about you and your goals


And enough, but not too much variety for your training


You want some new stuff but also you want to achieve mastery of the basics


Accountability comes from you being part of a close knit group that cares for each other


From being checked on when you don’t show


And make sure you’re coached to set and move towards meaningful goals at regular intervals 


If you put that all together that’s the best solution we’ve found to motivation


Or, at least, to keeping you consistently showing up, and enjoying yourself


Which then follows with the results you’re after


And increases your motivation


You can do this yourself, find a group of friends, keep each other on track


Or, you can find somewhere that does this as part of what they do


Either will work for you!

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