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Eating a donut doesn’t make you a bad person!

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September 1, 2022

If there’s one lesson I hope to teach all of our personal training and small group class members, it’s this:

As a coach, I am not the judge of your goodness or badness

No one gave me the keys to the pearly gates, I’m not St Peter

And besides, eating a donut doesn’t make you a bad person

Mother Teresa would’ve loved donuts, I’m certain 

Hitler was a vegetarian (as was Mother Teresa) 

The food they ate doesn’t separate them

This worry about displeasing your coach is a sign though

It’s a sign that you’re linking your self worth to your success

To what you ate for lunch

Take a minute to think about that

Does that actually make sense? 

And this isn’t to say that if you dumped your homemade salad and ended up getting a burger and chips for lunch that you shouldn’t be disappointed

Maybe you should be

But it doesn’t make you a bad person

And it has to be taken within the whole context of what you’re trying to do

  1. You’re learning new skills, that takes time and patience
  2. Society is built to make you want to consume, so you’re fighting against something much bigger than just yourself
  1. This is about improving your health for good, one lunchtime is a drop in the ocean
  2. Sure this didn’t go well, can you think of 1-3 ways you’ve improved this week or month compared to the last? 

Start to think of failure as feedback and not judgement

You’ll not only make things a lot easier on yourself

It’s future proofing your efforts, it helps you learn, adjust and move on a lot faster

Meaning you’ll spend less time passing judgement on yourself

And more time moving towards your goals

If that’s all true, and if you’re still reading you probably agree that it is

Then failure is a good thing! 

Need help turning failure into the rocket fuel you need to smash your goals? 

Reach out

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