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Do you need the perfect meal plan?

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September 22, 2022

Imagine two footy teams

One has the best game plan ever. The coach gives his players the game plan and tells them to go home and study it

Look at it. Then on the weekend come and implement it

The second team has an okay game plan, it’s not bad, but it’s not perfect

Instead the coach focuses on the skills they’ll need to play the game

Their coach tells them to show up to practice and work on those skills consistently

If both teams meet that week, you’d probably expect the team with the perfect game plan to win

But what about in 2 weeks

Or in 2 months

How about in 2 years?

Which team has made greater progress over that time 

That’s obvious right, the team that has taken part in consistent practice

They’re developed skills and habits that will make them more skillful, but also more experienced

The practice will have changed over time to become more challenging

To solve better and more interesting problems

If this makes sense to you, then why are you still looking for the perfect meal plan? 

It doesn’t exist. 

You need to daily practices that will help you solve the problems you have with your nutrition 

Things to do consistently that will develop the skills and habits that you can take with you always

It doesn’t have to be complicated, it should start simple and get more complex over time, as you become more skilled

What’s your biggest problem right now and what are you doing to practice the skills you’ll need to solve it? 

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