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Consistency wins, how Pas smashed his goals

Benefits of personal training for pain relief

February 15, 2022

Consistency wins


How would you feel if you: 


  1. Lost 12 kgs (and kept it off)
  2. Dropped your body fat level by 10% 
  3. Got your first pull up (or 14)
  4. Increased your squat strength by 400% 
  5. And finally bulletproofed the lower back that’s been bothering you for as long as you can remember


Probably be pretty happy with yourself, I imagine


That’s exactly what Pas has done over the last 3 years


When Pas first started he was in constant pain, his lower back hurt all the time, and it was difficult to get through a workout without a tweak 


It took time, and patience, but most of all, it took consistency


Pas has been showing up 3 times a week for 3 years


His body looks, and moves completely differently to how it did when he first started


Pas is now the kind of person that trains, for whom healthy eating has become a way of life, while still enjoying a busy social life (maybe not quite as busy as it once was 😉


Performance has become the new goal, increasing his upper body strength, particularly over head is the next target


And you better believe he’ll nail it! 


Well done Pas, incredible achievements so far, and we’re only just getting started


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