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Getting better should be the goal

Benefits of personal training for pain relief

February 15, 2022

Getting better should be the goal


Except, and it’s a big exception


Getting better means you first have to admit you are wrong.


Full disclosure: I used to think that going full depth on a push up was bad for your shoulders, period. 


There’s a whole bunch of boring stuff about that, I argued my position and I made sense


However, it doesn’t really make sense, if the body can do something then why not do it? 


You just have to make sure you are preparing the body properly first, yadda yadda yadda 


The point is, I was wrong, and to become a better coach, I had to admit that to myself


That’s hard work, admitting you are wrong is difficult work, it can emotionally draining


Partly because you’re probably wrong about a lot of things


Which is scary, UNLESS your focus isn’t on being right, but being better


Being right is kind of like the search for perfection, it gets you stuck 


In fact, it’s actually a bad thing, if you’re right all the time, then that’s it, you can’t get any better


You are what you are and there’s nowhere to go


Don’t know about you, but that sounds terrifying to me


At least if you can sit back and acknowledge you might be wrong then you have a way to improve


If you’re wrong, then of course there is a better way


And that’s exciting


Have a think about an area of your life you care about, where you are wrong right now


Found it? 


Awesome, now get better 


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