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Don’t aim for perfect, just get better instead

Benefits of personal training for pain relief

February 15, 2022

Perfect stops you in your tracks, better gets you started 


“I just need to meal prep every Sunday” 


“When work settles down, I’ll join a gym” 


“If only Mercury was in ascension, while Jupiter eclipses Uranus, then I…”  


Astrology is not my thing, but you get the point


The search for perfection is a great way to not make progress


To not even get started


Have you heard the story of the college photography class? 


For an assignment, half the class was told to take the perfect shot, and to only submit the perfect shot


The other half was told to take as many shots as possible and to submit them all


You probably already guessed which half got the better grades


Students taking heaps of shots, took terrible shots at first, but learned over time from the misses and adapted and took amazing shots by the time the assignment was due


And guess what, they got closer to the perfect shot


The half class looking for perfection were paralysed, and got stuck in the beginner phase, never getting better


If you find yourself using the search for perfection as a reason not to get started, ask yourself two questions:


What is really stopping me? 


Write that down


And next, and most importantly:


What if I just did it anyway? 


It’s better to start and fail, then to never get going at all  


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