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How to make a healthy meal in 10 minutes!

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February 14, 2022

How to make a healthy meal in 10 minutes of work (including washing up)


In this article, we’re going to show you it’s not just possible, but easy to make a healthy meal in 10 minutes!

Have you ever followed Jamie Olivers “15 minute meals”?

Yeah right mate, good if you’ve got an executive assistant to just wazz up the dishes once you’re done


You can actually make decent tasting, healthy meals in around 15 minutes of work

Including washing up

Just not the way he’s doing it

A balanced healthy meal includes 4 key components:

Protein (meat or veggie sourced)
Carbohydrates (veggie sourced best, rice or pasta second best)
Fats (animal or olive/avocado oil, try to avoid seed oils like canola)
Flavour (herbs and spices or sauce)

Next, is cooking method, for fast cooking choose:

One pot stove top
Air fryer

Once you’ve chosen what you’ll be eating and how you’ll be cooking, you prep your food


Less knife skills required the better

Keep chicken breast whole, or buy pre-cut chicken, mince beef is great for easy, fast cooking, ditto fish

Carbs the same, you can even get pre-cut veggies now, use a cheap food processor or ninja to cut your onion

Flavour combo’s are probably the hardest

My favourite healthy flavours are:

Pre-mixed moroccan spices (goes with everything, just chuck it on)

Passata sauce (whole bottle with every kg of meat), 2 tbsp of tomato paste and 1-2 different herbs (basil and parsley is safe)

Powdered garlic, onion and paprika on meat or veggies

Lemon, dill and butter for fish

Equal parts soy sauce and teriyaki sauce with just a drop of fish sauce for stir fry


Cooking time:

General rule of thumb for oven cooking, 180 degrees fan forced for 20-25 minutes for chicken breast, mince patties and hard veggies (think potatoes etc) or 10-15 minutes for soft veggies like mushrooms, broccoli

Use one pot stove top when you’re cooking stir fry or passata mix

Medium-high heat, oil in the pan, then onion till soft and then meat till sealed on the outside, then sauce, then veggies, leave on low for 15 minutes

This isn’t master chef, but it’s a pretty good start

And you’ll only have 4-5 things to wash

Use that spare time to get your gym clothes ready for the morning and you’ll be killing two birds with one stove


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