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Do you struggle to get to the gym?

Benefits of personal training for pain relief

April 20, 2022

Do you struggle to get to the gym in the mornings? 


Your morning might look like this:


Walking around the house looking for your workout gear


Putting that on, eventually


Where’s my other sock? Why don’t I have them together? 


You know what, I can’t go, not with one sock


It’s so cold anyway, and I can always go tomorrow


I trained really hard the other day, and I’m still sore


And I can’t be this tired for work, it’s better if I have the day off the gym


You haven’t coiled the rope 


Or maybe the extension cord might be more applicable


Experts spend the time to pack away their equipment away carefully 


That way, when they need to execute they can do it quickly, and easily 


There’s a great lesson here for any change you’re looking to make to your routine


If you’re struggling with eating healthy, or getting up and going to the gym


You probably haven’t coiled the rope like an expert  


What is the action that you are missing, how can you make that as easy and fast as possible to execute? 


What would you do if you were an expert?


You’d have your clothes laid out the night before


Everything you’ll need to get to ready for the gym in 5 minutes


Your car is packed


That way, when those same excuses pop up, it’s actually easier for you to go to the gym than not


Because to go to the gym you just follow your plan, not going to the gym means you have to figure out a new plan


Your work clothes are already packed in your car


There’s gym clothes on the kitchen bench you’ll have to put away if you don’t put them on 


Where are you going to get the morning coffee from if you don’t go to that cute place around the corner from the gym? 


Ahh it’s just easier to go


Coil the rope. Make it easier to do than not.


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