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Do you struggle with lower back pain?

Benefits of personal training for pain relief

May 1, 2022

Do you struggle with lower back pain?

We often combine lower back stability (i.e. a plank), whilst moving the arms or legs

If you think about it, this is exactly how the lower back works in everyday life

It stabilises the middle of your body while you run, swim, reach for a box etc

So it makes more sense to train it this way

In this example we’ve added a reach

A reach is really beneficial in a couple of ways, firstly you’re moving your arms, but also working on upper back mobility by reaching as far as you can each time

People often think their lower back is tight because their core is weak, which may be true

However, it’s probably also a result of the lower back having to do the work of a stiff upper back

The plank with reach allows you to stabilise the core muscles while getting some really good movement into the upper back

Stable lower back

Mobile upper back

Two birds with one stone

The key with this exercise is to:

Nail the stabilisation, slight tuck of the hips, and try to keep them steady
Reach as far as you can with the arm

Chuck these into your routine and get creative

You might even move a small weight plate from under your hand to in front of your head to make it more interesting

Watch the below video for how to perform the exercise:

Plank with reach

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