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Don’t focus on the scales, focus on this instead

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January 26, 2022

Don’t focus on the scales, focus on this instead

To juggle better you need to catch better. Right?  




So, if you were to learn how to juggle, what would you focus on? 


The throw


You see, if you execute the throw well, then the catch takes care of itself


You will drop it sometimes, or the wind will blow it off course, whatever


If all you did was focus on the catch, you’d be swapping out the part that you have 100% control of, for the part of which you have limited control 


The throw is what matters


And how to get better at throwing? Well, to throw of course


What about weight lost. Is that the catch, or the throw? Take a minute to decide before reading


Who am I kidding? You already skipped ahead

What actually matters?


It’s the catch


By focussing on weight lost you are focussing on the thing you have limited control of, environmental, hormonal, sleep, sodium content, can all have an impact of weight lost (or gained)


You can’t control all of these things


Actions though. Those you can control with much greater accuracy


Hitting an extra 2,000 steps a day


Eating an extra serve of vegetables with every meal


Going to bed at 9:30, instead of 12


That’s the throw


The better you get at those things, the better you will get at the catching


Not to say you can’t keep track of catches, it can serve a purpose


Start with the throws though, and the catches will take care of themselves


Read this for more information on how to get started on your weight loss journey: http://blincobuilt.com/top-5-nutrition-tips-for-sustainable-results/


Need help with juggling, or weight loss? Reach out for a plan 


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