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A better way to start losing weight

Benefits of personal training for pain relief

January 26, 2022

You just need to get better at preparing your week of lunches for work on a Sunday


No, you do not


How has that worked for in the past? 


Well, I hear you say


Good. Why aren’t you doing it now? 


What makes a nutrition solution sustainable isn’t what type of foods you eat, it’s whether it works with your lifestyle


If you don’t often have 3 hours on a Sunday to devote to meal prep, then stop making that an important part of your nutrition

Do this instead:

Make it easier


What about spending 5 minutes writing out the meals you’ll have, do you have 5 minutes on a Sunday? 


Or, creating a traffic light system for take away options close to work


Green options like salads with the dressing on the side, orange options like a chicken wrap with sauce on the side, or red options like a burger, chips and pint


Stick with mostly green lights and you’ll be better than not having a plan at all


You could order a dozen freezer meals, like MyMuscleChef and keep them in the freezer


None of these options are perfect


They also don’t take much time and are WAY easier than meal prepping


And can enable some pretty incredible results


It doesn’t have to be hard work


There are many ways to lose weight and keep it off without making things harder


Honestly, when has the solution to a problem in your life been to make it harder for yourself? 


Don’t want to have to get up to change tv channels? Someone created a remote so you don’t have to, easier


Don’t want to saddle your horse to head into town, great, here’s a car. Easier


Solutions that last, always make it easier


How can you make it easier, that’s the answer


Looking to get started on sustainable weight loss? Read this for more help: http://blincobuilt.com/looking-to-clean-up-your-nutrition-start-here/

If you need help coming up with solutions to make it easier, reach out

If there’s someone you care about, you think this could help, share it 

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