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Do the hard work that matters, the work that pays off

Benefits of personal training for pain relief

January 18, 2022

Do you have a dog? Have you ever had a dog? 


Then you fell into two categories, either you walked your dog, or it walked you


Depends on whether you spent the time early on to train your dog on the first few walks 


With a pocket full of treats, time after time after time going over the same routine. Some days it seemed like you’d turned the corner


Only for the next day to be back to the start


But you kept at it. Heel. Heel. HEEL. Treat. Stop. STOP. Treat. Let’s go. Treat


You might have had a wilful dog, maybe it was the breed, you spent time with a trainer, on Youtube, seeing what works, what doesn’t


Finally, you got there. Sure if Kelvin sees a bird, he’s off! But generally it’s pretty pleasant to go for a walk now


Or, you thought that’s too hard, tried the treat angle for a bit but couldn’t get passed the no treat stage


And spent every walk for 10 years tugging the lead, pulling your precious pup away from onlookers


Calling, calling, calling at the park. It’s too hard, just keep them on the lead


Being walked.


Both things are hard. Because they are both hard, it’s easy to think both are worthy


You’re doing the hard work it’ll pay off


Maybe one of the stories you tell yourself

Why does this matter?

Like when you try to follow a strict meal plan and train 6 days a week for the 100th time


It’s hard work so surely you’ll get somewhere with it this time


If you stopped and thought about it, you know deep down, it’s not working and it won’t work this time, like it didn’t the time before


Might be time for a different route, one that’s hard early, but will pay off


There’ll even be early wins, how much easier was training Wayne when you had an experienced trainer standing right there, helping you along


You had to do the work yourself, but it was a lot faster and a lot more effective with knowledgeable help 


Better off to learn how to eat, to learn what to eat, to learn how much to eat


For good. 

What to do with this information

Stop using restrictive meal plans, start with easy to follow portions of the foods you already love to eat and include social plans 


Men, 8 palms of protein, 2 cupped hands of carbs, 6 fists of veggies and 3 thumbs of fat might be a good place to start


Women, 4 palms of protein, the rest the same


Get results? Awesome, carry on


Don’t get results? Adjust carbs or fats or increase steps. Pick one, just one. Go again. Rinse and repeat


Do the hard work early, that you know will work


It will get easier


Then, you can sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labour later on

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