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Small steps, everyday, to reach your goal

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January 18, 2022

Roald Amundsen was the first person to lead a team to the South Pole in 1911


Robert Scott Falcon also made it there. But he and his team did not make it back


Both experienced adventurers, tough, driven, courageous men


Two very different approaches on how to get there. And more importantly, back


You have to imagine what it was like back in 1911. Cars were available, but not roads


The Wright brothers had taken the first flight. Women had just been allowed into some universities. The hamburger had just been invented 


Most children didn’t go to school, they went to factories, and 50% of children died before the age of 5


And yet these two groups of men wanted to go off into the world’s harshest environment in the hopes of being the first


Captain Scott was a gungho kind of adventurer. When the weather was clear, he took the approach to push his team to their absolute limits


When the weather wasn’t great, they would stop and rest


In the south pole, the weather often isn’t great 


Amundsen took a different approach. He focussed on one simple task. Everyday, he would make small progress towards the South Pole


The amount of progress he made was what was doable on the worst day, when the weather was terrible


Even when the weather was great, and it would have been easy to push his team further, he stopped when that small amount of progress had been made


Every day, no matter what the obstacles, small progress was made. Enough that the team could recover and continue on the next day


By doing this, Amundsen was first to the South Pole. By a month. 


And he made it back. Tragically, Captain Scott and his team, did not

Why is this important?

It’s easy to sit back and see how little sense it makes to wait for the perfect circumstances so that you can push as hard as you can, when those circumstances almost never come


And how much sense it makes to instead push a little bit towards your goals everyday, so that no matter how hard things get, you always get a little closer


How often do you do that though? 


You want to lose 10kg. 


So you decide to change EVERYTHING! Push as hard as you can while motivation is high, the weather is great!


Even though you know, more often than not, the weather isn’t great. Things will get in the way

What to do instead

Instead, pick one task, that done everyday, will move you closer to your goal


Eat 1 serve of veggies with every meal


Walk 15 minutes every morning


Join a gym


Whatever it is


Pick something easy to execute. That you can do even when everything else is hard


And take it one step at a time


Not only will you get there first. You’ll also make it back


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