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Food Quality vs Food Quantity

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May 11, 2022

Food Quality vs Food Quantity


One of the great debates of nutrition, what is more important, food quality vs food quantity


Really, it’s redundant


Both are important, and synergistic 


Eating higher quality of foods, typically more nutrient dense foods, helps keep the quantity you eat in check


Vegetables and fruit, contain fibre and contain lower calories so just the bulk means you’re fuller on less calories


Meats are similarly filling with less calories, due to the protein content 


What this boils down to is moving towards eating ingredients more often than you eat lists of ingredients


The more you can do that, the more you find that maintaining a stable weight and body fat range becomes easier and easier


And the bonus is, you can do that without having to count calories 


You know this makes sense, eating a steak and potatoes is much more filling than eating a bag of corn chips


Even though the corn chips contain more calories, you feel the same amount of fullness


Would you rather eat 2,000 calories a day and remain full throughout the entire day


Or, eat 2,500 calories and feel hangry at 3pm everyday? 


Great, so what to do with this information 


Well, you don’t have to meal prep to eat more ingredients


3 simple ways to move towards more whole foods 


  1. Leftovers – if you can eat leftovers, do it! Not only do you avoid unnecessary waste, you help your waistline too

  2. Better takeaway – Coles and Woolies have everything you need for a quick lunch, a roast chicken and a salad aren’t the sexiest option, but it’s better than most

  3. Swap snacks – nuts for crackers, fruit for chocolate. Just pick ones you love, so that you actually enjoy it, at least at first, then you can optimise later


Make eating whole foods as easy as possible, ingredients over lists of ingredients! 

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