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Plan ahead to win the week

Benefits of personal training for pain relief

May 17, 2022

Have you planned your dinners this week?


We go on about this a lot here at Blinco Built


Planning your week’s meals is a critical habit to long term success with weight loss and a stress free life!


Honestly, how much time have you spent, and panic, trying to figure out what’s for dinner at 3pm on a weekday? 


Too much time, and too much stress on something that shouldn’t be that hard


Instead, spend 15 minutes on a Sunday writing out all the meals for the week


There’s no trickery here, you don’t have to go shopping for everything (although the plan also doubles as a shopping list)


And you don’t have to meal prep everything for 74.8 hours on a Sunday


Just write out the meals


If you stick to it 80% of the time you’re winning the game


It takes out the stress, and it will mostly take out the panicked unhealthy choices when you’re exhausted and just want something easy


In those cases, the hard part isn’t the making or procuring of food, it’s the decision on what to eat


And the guilt when you know you could’ve made a better choice


At least with the plan, you can consciously make the decision


Which is much more likely to avoid regret and keep you on track

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