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How to beat the 3pm snacks

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November 2, 2022

Are you reading this at 3pm, hungry? 

Before you reach for the snacks, finish reading this

This is one of the more common complaints we hear with our personal training and small group class members

Not only do you feel snackish, it’s for carb heavy, not very filling snacks

Nothing particularly wrong with carbs

But if they come in a packet, highly processed and not very filling

Well, it’s going to take a lot of them before you’re full

And that’s an issue

A simple fix to this, starts much earlier in the day


Often the easiest thing to do for this is to increase the protein and fat in your breakfast 

This works on a couple of levels

Firstly you’ll be fuller for longer, meaning you won’t be as hungry at lunch

Which then carries on into the afternoon

Secondly, your energy levels will be more consistent throughout the day

Meaning you’re less likely to feel sluggish and tired

When you’re sluggish and tired it tends to be much easier to convince yourself that a packet of carbs will give you energy 

Try a couple of eggs on a piece of toast

Or a some scrambled eggs and avocado 

Even last nights leftovers, I really like bolognese on a piece of toast in the morning

And see if it makes a difference

Need help figuring out what to eat so that losing weight doesn’t involved starvation?

Reach out!

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