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How to beat self sabotaging for good!

Benefits of personal training for pain relief

November 2, 2022

Do you self sabotage? 

If you answered yes, congratulations, you’re human

This article isn’t about letting you off the hook though, this is about why you might be doing it

So you can do something about it!

Without getting into a philosophical debate, self sabotage comes down to a simple argument within yourself

Your actions aren’t matching your beliefs

We often hear something like this when we first meet with our personal training and small group class members

“I’m going to start exercising, but I’m not an exerciser” 

Action of exercising, and belief that you’re not an exerciser

“I want to lose weight, but I don’t want to be one of those health freak types”

Action of prioritising your health, belief that being healthy means you have to give up enjoyment of food and socialising

When we hear these sentences, our first most critical job is to get you to reframe

You aren’t a non-exerciser, you just haven’t found somewhere you love yet 

Making your life healthier doesn’t involve getting rid of enjoyment

In the right environment, exercise is enjoyable (no matter who you are)

And being healthier increases the fun in life

That should be the goal

Maybe that means that the exercise you do isn’t going to be a gruelling test every time you walk into the gym 

Or your healthy lifestyle includes going out for drinks with friends, because socialising is a critical part of overall health 

If you’re self sabotaging your health, ask yourself, where are my actions not matching with my beliefs? 

What’s the story I’m telling myself that’s holding me back from something good

It can be really helpful to have a coach sit down and help you with this

Need help? Reach out

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