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How to beat the weekend binge!

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November 4, 2022

Sitting on the couch on a Sunday night after eating and drinking everything in sight over the last 2 and a half days!

Do you ever have this happen? 

You’re probably feeling frustrated, and frankly pissed off at yourself for being back to square one

And you might not exactly be back to square one, but that’s what it can feel like

After a binge that you really didn’t need 

Especially if you feel like you have no control over when these happen

Or even how they start!

Sure, you know that you’re stressed, and tired 

Do you know what the tipping point is? 

Why sometimes you’re stressed and tired and don’t binge, and other times you do?

If you’re expecting an answer from me, sorry, it actually has to come from you

No trickery here, you know your life much better than I do

You know what’s going on inside your head, what happened leading into the binge

The problem is, that if you’ve never actually sat down and walked through it

Step by step, you probably couldn’t tell me exactly what separates those weekends

And so it feels like each time is a different trigger and cause

If you zoom out, and look at not just one binge event, but 3, or 20 of them at once

Then you can start to see patterns over time

When this happens, THEN I binge 

It could be, “when we order takeaway on a Friday night, the rest of the weekend goes worse than it should” 

(This is mine) 

Without knowing this critical bit of information you could be banging your head against the wall

Having no idea why some weekends are good and some weekends are a binge fest

With this information, there’s so many options available

The problem is taking a birds eye view of your own life is tough

You’re too emotionally involved

That’s where a good coach comes in

Need help taking a bigger view and identifying the key points where your health goes wrong? 

Reach out!

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