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Principles vs Strategies

Benefits of personal training for pain relief

May 12, 2015

What are principles vs strategies and why should you even care? 


If you’re like everyone else, you’ve probably banged your head against the wall chasing different strategies to get the results you want without a clue what the principles are and wondered why you never get the result and if you do happen to luck out and get a result you quickly lose it


It’s why losing weight and keeping it off is so hard for most, not because studies show it is statistically unlikely, but because most approaches worry about strategies and fail to teach people the principles


Principles cannot be broken, they are natural law. You know they are true because if you reverse a principle it seems ridiculous, the classic, to lose weight you have to eat less calories than you use, the opposite is to eat as much calorie dense foods as you can and move as little as possible, obviously that won’t work


Principles are the territory. Strategies are the techniques you can use to get through the territory. The method you use to climb over the mountain. Strategies are situation specific, principles never change


Once you know the principle, you can find the strategy that will work for you, and if a strategy doesn’t work you’ll be able to figure out why


Went keto and didn’t lose weight? Knowing that keto didn’t help you eat less calories means you move onto a different strategy that might help you feel fuller and less likely to overeat

Working to principles is empowering. If you stick to the principles then failure is less disheartening and becomes more of informative process, it’s not that you are a failure, it’s that you need to find the right strategy for your situation

If you need help finding the principle for certain areas then it helps to find professionals that can help, and is also a good test for those professionals as well

Stay tuned for some important nutrition and training principles you can apply for awesome results!

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