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Principles to getting stronger

Benefits of personal training for pain relief

May 12, 2015

Looking to get stronger? Don’t get confused by all the information out there, you really just need to do 3 things, consistently, and you’ll get strong fast!


  1. Overload – you need to overload your muscles, if you are doing a weight that’s difficult but you could move that weight 40 times without a break, it’s probably not hard enough. Realistically anything you could lift more than 20 times without a break probably won’t make you that much stronger (although it could have other benefits – that’s a different conversation) 


  1. Progression – the difficulty needs to increase over time, how you do that, more weight, reps, sets, less rest, is up to you and can be fun to try different things, as long as it is getting more difficult over time


  1. Recovery – in order to get stronger from exercise the muscles need to recover. Once again there are many ways to do this, days off, protein intake, nutrients, low intensity movement. It doesn’t matter how you help this process, just that if you want your muscles to improve they need time to repair


If you hit these 3 principles, technically you could be doing the same exercises week after week and just change reps, sets, weight, rest, tempo and progress for years, and probably get stronger than you would ever have use for


Of course, that might get boring, following a program that changes up is more fun and engaging and will help with consistency


If you are looking for such a program, reach out and book a call




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