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The 10 minute hack to getting fitter, stronger and leaner

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July 5, 2022

The 10 minute hack to getting fitter, stronger and leaner


What if I told you it only takes 10 minutes a week to get fitter, stronger, leaner and healthier?


You’d think it was a trick


It’s a hack we get every Personal Training client onto when they start here at Blinco Built


The hack?


Plan your week!


Firstly, plan the meals you’ll eat 


Secondly, the days and times you’ll exercise


And lastly, don’t forget the fun part, the times you’ll go out and enjoy yourself


This process is called an implementation intention and it makes it 3-4 times (300-400%) more likely you will do the thing


Just by having a plan you cut out the issue of not having enough time to get to the gym, or go for a walk


Of giving into the temptation of unnecessary snacks


Lacking the mental energy to come up with what to make for dinner after yet another chaotic day


It sounds too simple, but think of everyone you know that exercises religiously


That eats well and stays away from snacks


What do they all have in common? 


I guarantee its sticking to a routine


They started that routine by planning and over time, months and years, it’s become habit


You need to start somewhere, and that somewhere, is with a plan 


Not 4 hours of meal prepping, not training 9 times a week, not giving up carbs and alcohol forever


Just a simple weekly menu in the Notes section of your phone


Booked in time to exercise in your calendar


And booked in events or just a recurring reminder of when you usually go out for lunch or dinner on the weekends


This last one is the one most people miss


If it’s going to be sustainable, you need to include your social events, birthdays, work lunches


They’re a part of the plan, because if they’re a part of the plan you’re much less likely to have an “ahhh stuff it moment” 


You know the one where you say “Ah stuff it” and eat everything in sight? 


Yeah, plan for that


It doesn’t have to be forever, create the plan, trial it, refine it, improve it, try it again


And with time, it’ll become habit and you’ll wonder why you hadn’t started sooner

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