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What parenting can teach you about weight loss

Benefits of personal training for pain relief

June 16, 2022

What parenting can teach you about weight loss


If you’re a parent, you’ve probably had this thought


“If I have to tell my sweet little angel to stop taking the plates out of the cupboards one more time I’m going to scream!”


It could be toys out the basket, shoes off the rack, clothes out the wardrobe


You’re a parent, you know the drill


As a parent you also know that the only solution is consistency 


You have to consistency give (and show) your child the same message over and over


It’s the repetitions that drive the growth of the behaviours you want your child to have


And whilst getting those reps in can sometimes be frustrating, it’s a great lesson


You see, you’re no different


How many times have you tried to lose weight? 


If you’ve ever given up, quit exercising and stopped paying attention to what you eat


You’ve gone away from the golden rule




You’re not going to give up on your child


And it’s that determination and will that you need with your own efforts


Our personal training clients that get the best results are the ones that stay the most consistent


The fact that you can do it as a parent for YEARS on end means that you have the ability to be consistent


You just have to start doing it for yourself


Why its important


If it helps, think of it this way 


Actually showing your child that consistency of effort reaps rewards will be a much better lesson than just telling them


After all, if they’ve ever repeated a word you’ve said but told them not to say, you know the old adage is true


Children don’t do what we say, they do what we do


So why not put your skills into action for yourself


Then become the unrelenting mother or father to your own efforts


And reap the rewards!

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