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Quality or Quantity

Benefits of personal training for pain relief

June 10, 2022

What matters more, quality or quantity?


It is possible to lose weight eating McDonald’s, that is true. 


However, you know from experience eating a Cheeseburger medium meal (1,100 calories) is yum


But, isn’t nearly as filling as eating a 300g sirloin steak and 3-4 handfuls of veggies (800-900 calories)


You might not even be able to eat that much steak


Satiety (feeling of fullness) is the unsung hero of good nutrition habits


And that makes sense


We see the best long term Personal Training results when people eat less calories and while still feeling full 


More nutrient dense foods generally keep us fuller for longer, whereas foods sold in packets or at fast food restaurants do not


You can see why the principle of 80% whole foods might be important


Especially for a gym that has “Results based approach to the five factors of health” as one of it’s Core Values


It simply goes without saying that if a rounded approach to health is the goal


That includes but isn’t limited to maintaining more optimal weight and body fat levels


Then quality is just as, if not more, important than quantity


How to balance quality with quantity


The leeway of 80% gives you the opportunity to approach your nutrition with a bit of give


Long term success requires some wiggle room


You can either hit 80% of your meals perfectly and give yourself a bit of a leash for the other 20% 


Or, you can hit all of your meals about 80%


This gives you the ability to eat pasta and have a little mayo on the side, or a combination of both


Of course, accountability is still key with this approach as with any


And recognising that life will get in the way


So you don’t have to be too discouraged if this starts to slip when stress levels go up


Or motivation starts to wane


That’s where a kick up the bum might be required 


And that’s when you need to get in contact with a good coach, to help you stick to it!

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