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The positive return from risk taking

Benefits of personal training for pain relief

May 12, 2015

Do you take risks? I don’t mean jumping out of a perfectly good plane, although that is taking a risk and can apply to this post, I mean taking a risk on yourself, like starting an exercise routine or attempting to get your nutrition in order 


These are risks. You feel hesitant when you start, don’t you? The fear of failure can make these undertakings feel inherently risky


I think that’s a good thing. You just have to reframe it: 


The positive return from taking a risk isn’t the potential for gain i.e. losing weight, the real benefit is the growth inherent in pushing yourself outside your comfort zone


Think about the impact this reframing, the next time you undertake something like a new healthy lifestyle regime, instead of having the belief that you will likely fail, you think to yourself no matter what happens here, if I learn something, I’ve won 


Three things happen; firstly, you are more likely to get up and start, win, secondly you will be desperately searching for lessons to learn, so likely you won’t just learn one thing, but many, and if you’re learning things, and lastly, you are almost infinitely more likely to stick with it in spite of the inevitable setbacks, because you’ll start to realise that they are the lessons that will help you in the future 


Things become fun when you take this approach, it’s why children don’t give up when learning to walk, or talk, because they are just so curious about what’s happening, they haven’t taught that failure is a bad thing, and that’s why they are constantly laughing when things don’t go as planned


Imagine laughing when things don’t go as planned, imagine thinking to yourself, wow that was a great lesson. You just know that would keep you on track, if the you removed the fear of failure and instead looked for the learning inherent in undertaking risky tasks, you’d unleash an almost unstoppable version of yourself 

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